It’s been two years in the making but we have done it. We have expanded to Europe with a new office in The Hague, Netherlands! None of this would be possible if we didn’t have an amazing group helping us and supporting us along the way. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!

Over the years, we’ve worked with the US government, the military, national labs and many critical infrastructure sectors on how to best defend these critical systems. This experience has provided us with an immense knowledge of OT cybersecurity, and we’ve realized that many sectors don’t know how to secure this critical component of cybersecurity. Because we work in different sectors, we have a big diversity of understanding and we know how to think critically to solve complex problems. We’re proud to have played a role in helping increase our nation’s defense and now we’re bringing our experience to help more countries do the same.

We’ve had a lot of customers in Europe reach out to us, and that kicked off our search on where to open a European office. We looked at many different countries like Germany, France, Sweden and Ireland, and contacted the embassies in all those countries. The Dutch embassy pointed us towards the NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency). Of all these countries, the Netherlands made us feel most at home.

The Hague has established itself as the international city of peace, justice and security. It is a major hub for cybersecurity in Europe, with the presence of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, NATO Communications and Information Agency, the Dutch cybersecurity, intelligence and security agencies as well as a wide range of cybersecurity businesses. After researching the HSD cluster and its partners, we knew that this would be a great channel to bring all that knowledge from the United States into the Netherlands as well.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Red Trident joined the HSD Community as a Premium Partner. Security Delta (HSD) is the Dutch security cluster. Over 275 companies, governmental organizations and knowledge institutions have been working together since 2013 to make a difference in securing our digitizing society and we’re excited to join this great community and contribute our knowledge of OT cybersecurity.

“Red Trident is looking to its new partnership with the Hague Security Delta (HSD) and InnovationQuarter to meet more customers, partners, and peers to advance OT cybersecurity in Europe. The HSD campus offers us the ideal base to support Red Trident’s growth. Within just an hour, we have the Port of Rotterdam, national cybersecurity units, universities, and a large cluster of innovative companies and partners all working together to solve cybersecurity challenges,” stated Emmett Moore III, CEO of Red Trident.

Red Trident has helped a lot with standards creation in the US and we hope to help the Netherlands and the great EU develop meaningful standards that can be adopted by all. We’d love to bring our OT cybersecurity knowledge over. Our goal is to keep businesses running as it was designed to be, with nothing malicious or unknown happening. To us that translates to ‘run better’. If you’re running better, you’re running secure, resilient, safe, and environmentally friendly.


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