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Red Trident’s develops actionable road maps and integration plans to help you leverage Cloud Technologies with your OT systems. 

Cloud Migration Planning

We help you plan, manage, and execute the connection of your control systems to cloud technology. This may be the design and provisioning of edge technologies or the hardening of your perimeter to provide the security needed before connecting to the cloud.

Cloud Architecture

It’s easy to have a great idea, it’s more difficult to make that idea a reality. Integrating a control system into the cloud isn’t always a straightforward process. Knowing how systems, industrial protocols, and dataflows work when transitioning to the cloud is critical to a successful transition to the cloud.

Networking and Cybersecurity

Some control systems are more easily connected to the cloud then other. Most however were built and designed before the concept of the cloud existed. These systems often require middleware or intermediary systems to safely support cloud connection and the cybersecurity requirements your system should meet before connecting to the cloud.

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