Do you know what is connected to your network and where all the devices are? Most businesses don’t…or they think they do until they go through Red Trident’s Asset & Network Discovery.

Each device in your environment has the potential to become an attack vector, therefore it’s important to know what you have in order to keep it protected. In many cases, clients get surprised by our findings and often find numerous additional devices than they expected.

Having an asset inventory is one of the first steps to a successful cybersecurity strategy.


Over a decade ago OT cybersecurity wasn’t a huge problem since OT was kept separate from IT. Over the years, as more and more devices become interconnected and linked to the cloud, OT cybersecurity is becoming a large risk that deserves more attention. For further reading, check out our article, The Need for OT Cybersecurity.

Digital transformation of OT environments has led to a rapid growth in the number of devices such as ICS, SCADA, and DCS communicating with the cloud. There’s also a huge increase in more general IP-connected devices such as CCTV cameras, thermostats, badge readers, multi-function printers, and IP phones that have the potential to be connected to the internet, thus providing another vector that needs to be secured.

Benefits of Asset & Network Discovery

All too often we see customers deploying technology to protect assets before they really know what they have or how they use the network. Without a firm understanding of these matters, the technology is often deployed and not configured optimally.

  • Comprehensive understanding of your environment
  • Typically find devices you didn’t realize you still had (and data flows that should have been removed years ago)
  • Clearly identify areas of concern so vulnerabilities can be addressed
  • Having this foundation, allows you to produce more focused and accurate risk assessments as well as an accurate and detailed remediation plan, saving you time and money down the road
asset discovery ics

When it comes to OT cybersecurity, what we cannot measure, we cannot control. And what we cannot see, we cannot secure. That’s why OT Asset & Network Discovery is the first step in the cybersecurity journey.

The OT Asset & Network Inventory Comes in Handy with the Following:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Tests
  • Incident Response
  • Understanding When to Upgrade & When to Make Something Obsolete

Our Asset Discovery Approach

ot asset discovery

Red Trident employs a multi phased approach when it comes to asset and network discovery.  This allows us to be efficient and effective, saving the client time and money.al information (remotely)

Collect technical information (remotely)

Create an assumed network architecture based on the collected data (remotely)

Travel to the field sites to collect additional information and to confirm and enhance the network drawings (on-site if needed)

Develop deliverables in Microsoft Visio format (.vsd) which shows data organized into physical network diagrams, logical diagrams, WAN diagrams and data flow diagrams (remotely)

What You Receive with the Asset & Network Discovery

Our deliverables will be developed in Microsoft Visio and provided in .vsd and pdf format. This information is vital to have in order to work towards a more secure environment.

Physical network diagram per site

Logical diagram per site (for sites that have a router and multiple segments) otherwise this information could be part of the physical diagram

WAN diagram per regional networks

Data Flow diagrams for each connected OT device

Strategic overall recommendations of potential systematic issues

A consultation where our OT Cybersecurity experts go over details and any questions you have. If there’s an interest in further assessments or remediation support, we can discuss and provide further information

Why Red Trident

We work with you and do our best to be your cybersecurity partner. We listen to your concerns and make sure that we’re aligned with your business priorities. We don’t just come in, sell a service, write a report and walk away. We’re here for you. We explain our findings, answer any questions you might have and work with you to help where needed.

Unlike most OT cybersecurity companies, who only offer consulting and assessment services, we want to continue the journey with you and help fix any issues found during our assessments. That could include: providing guidance on how best to effectively solve the issue or we could work along side your team to augment their OT cybersecurity expertise.

No matter what you need, we want to be your partner to support you in your cybersecurity journey and get you where you want to be.

Our team consists of leaders in the ICS field with decades of combined experience in the public sector, private sector, and military. We’ve presented at major security conferences such as DEF CON, BlackHat, various ISAC’s, SANS ICS Summits, etc. We also understand how to communicate in a way that is easy to understand so you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Can you help us fix issues you find?

Yes, Red Trident at its core is all about helping customers efficiently reduce cybersecurity risk. Since our beginning, we have been helping customers implement cybersecurity controls in OT. Our expertise and knowledge in this area is second to none. This is why we have multiple global contracts supporting major organizations for remediation services.

What happens after the Asset & Network Discovery?

The next steps are often defined by what we find in the discovery. You may need to make some modifications to the network, add basic cybersecurity controls, or perhaps start maturing your cybersecurity program to document the awesome system you have.

No matter your next steps, we can help. We don’t just hand you over a report and wish you good luck. We’re there for you.

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