An affordable, packaged service to give you peace of mind

Executive Summary

If you are concerned that you could be compromised by the trojanized version of Solarwinds Orion, Red Trident has packaged a fixed set of professional services to find indicators of compromise in your environment. Our expert analysts will quickly discover if your organization has evidence of SUNBURST or SUPERNOVA and enable you to make an informed decision on if you need to take remedial action.

Key deliverables of our packaged service ($5000, maximum of 20 engineering hours):

  1. Perform a compromise assessment on any known SolarWinds servers running in the customer environment.
  2. Analyze existing network and security logs/tools for known IOCs.
  3. Provide a detailed report of findings upon completion of the investigation.

In the event Red Trident discovers IOCs that were identified during the initial investigation, additional hunting or remedial activities may be required. The estimated hours for these activities will vary but could include the below Sample Objectives and would be scoped separately & executed via Change Order.