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The numbers don’t lie: even with the best technology, cybersecurity incidents still occur. Most security incidents are rooted in human error. In the three-legged stool of people, process, and technology, creating an effective cyber security culture is vital to a solid footing. From general awareness to skill enhancement and live exercises, RTI offers a comprehensive portfolio of training services. RTI Training can help address these key questions:


Are my people aware and do they recognize evolving cyber security threats such as social engineering, ransomware, and other threats?


Does our organization have the proper skills to address our cybersecurity challenges?


Is our organization at the proper readiness level to efficiently identify, respond, and resolve cyber attacks?


Readiness Awareness | Pre-Program Planning

Establishing a cybersecurity program is one of the most fundamental needs in securing a company’s information, assets, individuals, production, and reputation. A cybersecurity program, much like a safety program, requires everyone’s participation to be successful. It is often seen as a daunting task and can be overwhelming to even know where to start.

Red Trident is experienced in just that. We take a risk management approach to guiding companies from beginning to end in the creation of their cybersecurity program. No matter what your company’s risk posture currently is, we can help you determine the best place to start based on your business mission and functional needs.

This training is for management, business continuity planners, executives and other key stakeholders responsible for understanding and responding to the evolving cyber threat landscape.

ICS Cybersecurity | General Education

Red Trident has a combined experience base in PCD (Process Control Domain), ICS (Industrial Controls Systems)/SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and automation systems. We can provide general ICS education for ICS environment(s) or training specific to your company systems or needs. Without the correct and tested security safeguards, lack of cybersecurity can lead to serious safety issues as well. The courses include:

  • Cyber security awareness training – suitable for annual programs, pre-employment/new hire training, or general awareness
  • Standards, Regulatory, and Program Guidance – How to leverage leading industry standards such as ISA / IEC 62443, NIST 800-82, and others into an overall effective program
  • Tabletop and Live Fire Exercises to simulate the entire security threat lifecycle from prevention to detection and response

Prevention & Detection

You’ve heard it before, “an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. We train your organization on how to establish and implement preventative mechanisms to lower the threats to your systems and build or strengthen your system environment’s security posture. Red Trident can also provide follow-up training post system component installation or provide training on methods for monitoring your ICS environment installations.

RTI Prevention Training includes general education, skill development, blue team preparedness, incident response preparedness, and other courses to ensure your organization has the correct skills and talent to:

Develop, implement and maintain solid preventative architectures
Correctly identify and efficiently respond to the evolving cyber threat landscape
Implement effective incident response and forensic practices to rapidly resolve compromises

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