Bringing Order to Chaos

Securing IT and OT Data, Systems, and Networks.
we are Chaos Cybersecurity.

Securing IT and OT Data, Systems, and Networks

Chaos Cybersecurity, LLC is composed of senior security researchers, operators, analysts, red teamers, threat hunters, and former military / intelligence professionals with industry and commercial experience.

We bring unique security solutions based on deep insights into threat tactics, techniques and procedures. The Chaos Team understands what it takes to manage risk and bring order to Chaos for our customers.

By Light + Red Trident

A Joint Venture Between IT & OT 

IT Focused

OT Focused

  • Two companies at the forefront of cybersecurity working hand-in-hand to provide one of the most comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions in the industry
  • Chaos is a Small Business Administration Joint Venture / Mentor-Protégé (in process) between … By Light (Mentor) & Red Trident (Protégé)    


TECHNICAL SERVICES: Chaos Cybersecurity understands that the ability to execute operations reliably, intelligently, and safely is a top concern for customers.


ADVISORY AND COMPLIANCE: The complexities involved in establishing a truly secure enterprise must be matched by a proactive strategy and approaching the effort from many angles.


MANAGED DETECTION AND RESPONSE: Defending, and helping others to defend, the enterprise, consisting of information technology and operational technology assets, is where we specialize.

Red Trident + By Light

Two companies combined to bring their respective areas of expertise protecting some of our Nation’s most sensitive IT and OT data, systems, and networks.

By Light at a Glance

  • Founded in 2002 … Two decades of growth … still growing
  • 2,000+ Employees
  • $800M+ Annual Revenue
  • Top Secret Facility Clearance
  • 10 Office Locations
  • Dedicated Integration and Software Centers of Excellence
  • Versatile portfolio of contract vehicles serving customers
  • Extensive revenue-generating relationships with key OEMs

Red Trident at a Glance

  • Founded in 2014… 8 years of growth… still growing
  • Automation, Cyber Security, and Infrastructure specialist with a passion for securing critical infrastructure
  • Over 80% of our team has 15+ years of experience within the O&G, Energy, Chemical manufacturing, discrete manufacturing and defense sectors.
  • Top Secret Facility Clearance
  • Located in Houston, Texas and the Hague, Netherlands

Chaos Cybersecurity

  • Combining the skills and expertise of both By Light and red Trident

Chaos Cybersecurity believes that security is something you build into complex OT systems.

Through our expertise as asset owners and operators, we understand how to build protection into these complex environments and prevent attackers from impacting operations.

The Purple Team Approach

We analyze customer networks through the lens of an attacker.

  • The Threat Landscape and Risks Evolve Continuously
  • Each company has unique risks
  • Chaos can develop the right security program for each company 

What We Do

Pathway to CyberSafe


Review perceived current state and provide options to address identified concerns and risk.


Third party review of program and environment to provide suggested items to address. 


Provide options  and full installation and training of solutions to address identified concerns and risk.

Security Enhancement Services


Monitoring of the program and environmental telemetry to report on changes and identified risk.


Respond to monitored and reported events via remote and deployed resources to address trouble reports.


Build security awareness and ensure client team members have the right knowledge for security operations.

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